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Selling Your Home

When it comes to selling your property, it is essential that you choose to rely on a team of specialists who know what they’re doing. No matter where you are in the UK, our wealth of local expertise will work in your favour. Here at Meridian Estates, we’ll work with you to agree a marketing plan which suit the needs of your property sale, aiming to achieve the best possible price for your home. We’ll monitor and control every aspect of the transaction, working within 6-week timescales. 

One of the main benefits of selling properties through our online property auction is that the details of your home will be published online, reaching not only local buyers, but also regional, national, and international interest. As a friendly team of professionals, we are committed to providing a high-quality service. Please do not hesitate to contact us via phone, fax, or email so we can assist you in selling your property.

Why sell via auction?

Although Meridian Estates  offers traditional estate agency services, we passionately believe that the our modern approach to auction represents the best method of selling any house – be it a three-bed terraced house or a eight-bed executive home.

These are some of the reasons why:

1. It works for any type of home.You may think that auctions are for run-down, troublesome properties. Not any more. Take a look at our website to see the range of properties now being sold via our modern approach to auctions.

2. Quickly find a buyer.Because of the competitive nature of auction, our average time to sell a property – from instruction to exchange of contracts – is generally less than 8 weeks. Completion dates are agreed to suit your needs.

3. Sell for the right price.All vendors are able to put a reserve price on their property – the price below which they’re unwilling to sell. This binding agreement ensures peace of mind and protects you, the vendor.

4. Generate more viewings.You are unlikely to sell a property without decent footfall. We therefore market properties with specific buyers in mind and host open days whenever possible to create a competitive environment for viewing and offering on houses.

5. Meet proceedable buyers.One of the main advantages of using Meridian Estates is that we focus on proceedable buyers. We qualify all buyers prior to viewing to ensure that they are in a position to move quickly and won’t expose you to complex property chains.

6. Get genuine commitment.When the hammer goes down, the buyer commits via a non-refundable deposit and a legally-binding contract. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that the deal is genuine.

7. We believe that auction sales are the best way of avoiding fall-through.

For more information on selling via auction read our terms and conditions or book a valuation.

Buying a property

Why buy through auction

Most people are familiar with the concept of a property auction but the benefits for prospective buyers are not always clear.

1. More efficient process. All legal documents and environmental surveys are prepared in advance of an auction, buyers have access to important information before making an offer.

2. Reduced chance of property chains.Vendors entering lots into an auction are normally in a position to exchange quickly. As such, common open market issues such as property chains are less likely to occur.

3. Representative guide prices.Guide prices are designed to generate interest in a property and promote a quick sale. They are therefore realistic and likely to reflect true rather than perceived value.

4. Firm financial commitment. Once the bidding stop and you place a deposit on a lot, a legally-binding purchase is assured. The vendor cannot subsequently withdraw from the transaction.

5. Greater control.Finally, as a result of having legal documents prepared in advance of an auction, the vendor and buyer are able to agree completion dates of their own choosing, rather than working to conveyances’ timelines.

For those looking to buy a home within the UK, we have the one for you. With an extensive assortment of properties available, you’re sure to find one which you’ll be proud to call home. The properties we have consist of:

Detached Houses


Semi detached Properties

Terraced Homes


Once you have registered online as a purchaser, we use our skills to find you the perfect property to match your expectations.

Renowned for our outstanding reputation, we take pride in offering a high standard of customer care at all times.
Our relationship with you is based on trust, honesty, and transparency.

As a reputable estate agents, we have some of the finest properties available throughout the UK on our website.

Contact our property consultancy firm to learn more about the range of properties we have available for sale or to let, Or look at our current auctions.